The 5 New Ruffwear Products We Are Most Excited About- And why you should be too!

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Daniel Rogers - 06/02/2021

Top 5 Must Have Ruffwear Gear for 2021

This year’s hotly anticipated Ruffwear Gear is finally here. And at Kernow Pet Supplies, we are super excited about it!
One of the most sought-after brands for high-quality dog harnesses, float coats, leashes and collars, we've been stocking their industry-leading dog equipment since 2019.
With Ruffwear gear in such high demand, we’ve bent over backwards to get access to a limited batch of each of their new releases. Hitting the shelves in only 4 DAYS TIME (with the exception of the Floatcoat), we're opening up access to our pre-order now. Read on to find out how to secure yours before they disappear!

1. The Ruffwear Float Coat (Sneak Peek)

The Ruffwear Float Coat

 Without a doubt, this is the product we're most excited about this year! Whether kayaking, boating, paddleboarding or surfing, this dog life jacket has been thoughtfully designed to keep your pooch safer on the water.
A game-changer for dogs that have low water confidence or those that struggle
due to their size or shape, the Ruffwear Float Coat allows for maximum mobility in and out of the water.
The release date for the new Float Coats won't be until 31st March 2021. That said, we have put an advanced order in to secure a few of these for a limited pre-order. Reserve yours for March
31st here:


Wave Orange Float Coat Dog Life JacketRed Sumac Float Coat Dog Life vestBlue Dusk Float Coat Dog Life JacketPRE-ORDER

2. The Ruffwear Switchbak Harness

The new Ruffwear Switchbak harness might just be the ultimate everyday dog harness. Combining the best of the Front Range and Webmaster harnesses, the new Switchbak Harness brings a few new awesome features and colour options to the table.
An integrated top handle lets you assist your dog in tricky spots (like getting into the boot of your car).
Low-profile zip pockets provide a handy place for essentials. Multiple leash attachment points work with a variety of leads and handling styles.
Throw in Ruffwear's unparalleled build quality on top and we can't think of a reason you'd want to miss out on this perfect dog harness.
Due to high demand, we were only able to get a few of these in the first batch. Reserve yours now to avoid disappointment!!

3. Ruffwear Switchbak Leash

Versatile Double Ended Switchbak Leash

For dogs that pull, this double-ended dog lead is a great solution for gaining more control over your eager canine. Specially designed for dual attachment to the back and chest loop on the new Switchbak harness above, the Switchbak Double-ended dog leash helps you steer your dog when required.
Two sliding metal V rings allow the Switchbak Lead to be quickly shortened from its full length of 7 feet all the way down to a 2.5 foot short lead. This versatile dog leash works over your shoulder, around your waist or as a conventional lead. The few we managed to reserve will be here Feb 17th grab yours now before they disappear!

Red SumacGranite GreyPRE-ORDER

4. Ruffwear Front Range Day Pack

Our summer plans involve getting out as much as possible (hopefully). But with a baby in a backpack, a toddler that often needs carrying, and three dogs. it really helps to have the canines  carrying a few essentials!
Ruffwear’s daypack lets you lighten your load on long walks with easy access to drinks, snacks and other essentials. Multiple leash attachment points, a top handle, and extra belly support make this one of the most versatile and safest dog daypacks on the market.
Again, we only managed to get limited quantities of each of the three eye-catching colours. So, if this sounds like ‘your bag’, pre-order yours now for the February 17th drop.!

5. Flat out Leashes and Collars

IIt's always nice to see a re-vamp of an old favourite. The Ruffwear Flat Out Collar (formerly Hoopie) now has an accompanying leash and 12 new colour designs.
Each Flat Out collar and leash is made from super durable and colourfast Tubelok™ webbing. They also feature Ruffwear’s Swivelling Talon Clip™, a strong and secure lead attachment that is quick and easy to release.
As with the other products on our list, we have reserved a limited stock, which will be available to us on the official release date of February 17th. But pre-orders are already coming in, so we are expecting to run out of popular colours. Get your order in now if you don't want to be disappointed on the day!

Ruffwear Flat Out LeashThe Flat Out CollarPRE-ORDER
12 new colours of Flat Out Collars

So there's our list! Hope you found it informative.
If you want to check out some of the other new and existing products that we stock from Ruffwear then head over to