A Little About Us

Kernow Pet Supplies started as a small independent shop in the riverside town of Saltash in 2013.

Already working in the pet industry at the time, with 2 dogs that we spent all our time with, we noticed that it wasn't easy to get hold of quality, specialist, natural foods and treats in our area.

So many pet owners we spoke with, were completely unaware of the benefits they could achieve by feeding such products, or even sometimes that these things existed. And so, our vision was born. We decided that we wanted to create an outlet that could provide our local area with the best quality, fresh and natural foods and treats that we could find.

At first, it felt like almost every new customer that walked through the door was having issues with their pets. Skin problems, bowel issues, dogs that were turning away from their dinner, behavioural issues and so on. We committed ourselves to learning from customers problems, reading up on how best to help each individual issue and recommending the products or advice we thought would best help.

The response was fantastic! Customers were returning to us and thanking us regularly for helping their best friends to be healthier and happier. We knew we were on to something.

Over the next 7 years our business evolved, helping more customers to find the things that they needed and wanted to care for and enjoy life with their animals.

High end harnesses, leads and collars from esteemed brands like Hurtta and Ruffwear.

Interactive toys, brilliantly designed to entertain, alleviating boredom and enriching dogs lives.

Nutritionally complete frozen raw foods from that helped countless dogs to overcome feeding issues that owners just couldn't solve before.

As things progressed and we found increasing demand for our products- We started a delivery service across Saltash, Plymouth and surrounding areas- so that we could offer these time tested, customer favourites to our wider local area- with a fantastic response.

Our journey so far has been unquestionably wonderful and different to anything that we could have imaged for ourselves.
We have created this website as a portal to the products and brands that we sell, that we and our customers love and benefit from and that we hope you will too.
We hope you like it.

Sarah and Dan x